Ethiopia Halo Hartume (10oz) This year's natural Halo Hartume is a banger & might rival any of our favorite naturals from the past. Notes of honey, creme brûlée, & bubblegum... think big league grape or hubba bubba watermelon.
Elegy Blend (Ethiopia & Brazil) (10oz) One blend to rule them all. Our go-to standard for espresso is comprised of a natural Ethiopia Guji & a pulped natural Brazil.
Ethiopia Hambela (10oz) A customer favorite is back for another year of fruit-forward coffee & we think it is fantastic. Hambela is still bringing the heat with this natural process coffee. Notes of pink lemonade, cherry, & cinnamon sugar.
Guatemala Buena Esperanza (10oz) Notes of plum, cola, & baking spice showcase Buena Esperanza as an exceptional example of what we like about Guatemalan coffee. The upfront stone fruit flavor is followed by a spiced body & complex finish.
Ethiopia Jibicho (10oz) This year's crop is floral & delicately fruity. Notes of lychee, strawberry, & rose water make this washed Ethiopia a great candidate for pour-over, espresso, or a nice pot of drip coffee that you will be sure to enjoy.
Honduras Santa Elena Catracha (10oz) This is the fourth year of Anchorhead purchasing Honduran coffee from a single producer partnered with the Catracha Co-op. Notes of kiwi, honey nut cereal, & caramel corn highlight this tasty central American coffee.
Columbia Nariño (10oz) This coffee from small family farms in the Nariño region of Colombia benefits from high altitude & volcanic soil. This coffee is well balanced with notes of dried strawberry, dark chocolate, & cinnamon oats.
Kenya Ichamama (10oz) Kenya Ichamama was a standout on the cupping table. Notes of Kiwi, creamsicle, and papaya make this a not-so-standard tomato note Kenya.
Decaf Colombia (10oz) This water-processed decaf is from Colombia & tastes great in any brew method. The water process ensures that up to 99.9% of caffeine is removed through a safe method without the use of alcohol or harmful chemicals.
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