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Decaf Columbia This water-processed decaf is from Colombia and tastes great in any brew method. The water process ensures that up to 99.9% of caffeine is removed through a safe method without the use of alcohol or harmful chemicals.
Diamond Eye Blend (Guatemala & Sumatra) Diamond Eye Blend is created with two incredible micro lots and is periodically changing to ensure consistency throughout the year. Currently, it contains Guatemala Palhu and Sumatra Takengon KPGLA Gayo. This coffee is extremely sweet and balanced with notes of baker's chocolate, cherry, nougat, and heavy cream.
Elegy Blend (Ethiopia & Brazil) Our go-to standard for espresso (and our cold brew) is comprised of 70% natural Ethiopia Guji and 30% pulped natural Brazil.
Ethiopia Halo Hartume

Immerse your senses in the delightful notes of luscious applesauce, golden honey, and aromatic cinnamon sugar. This year's harvest promises to be a mouthwatering experience like no other. The grower-owned processing station has blossomed to include nearly 400 individual smallholders, each bringing their harvest to the central washing station or drying beds. Under the direction of Mijane Woresa and his son Daniel Mijane, community members are given educational resources and instruction on everything from best growing and harvesting practices to preparing coffee for export. The coffee also benefits from rigorous quality control standards and the community has a very sound logistical strategy for ensuring quality.

Ethiopia Hambela Buku

Introducing another impressive crop of Ethiopia Hambela Buku! Notes of blackberry syrup, crêpe, and raw sugar provide a rich and complex flavor profile that has been a long-running customer favorite for the past several years. Natural process coffees are made by drying the coffee beans with the fruit still attached, which allows the sugars from the fruit to infuse into the beans and contribute to their flavor. This method can produce coffees with a distinctive sweetness and fruitiness, which Hambela coffee certainly has in spades.

Ethiopia Wolicho Wachu

The latest addition to the stellar Ethiopia natural lineup: Wolicho Wachu. This exquisite coffee boasts notes of apricot, strawberry syrup, and hints of Italian cream soda. But what truly sets it apart is the subtle yet unforgettable finish of strawberry cream soda, a flavor so unique that we simply had to bring it to you. Join us in savoring this exceptional brew, exclusively available for your enjoyment.

Guatemala San Jose Del Lago Eduardo Cabrera, the fourth-generation steward of his family’s property and lifelong coffee grower, could not be more exuberant about his sense of place. In his own words, “Coffee is family, tradition, memories, happiness, and a little suffering; but I wouldn’t trade anything for the adrenaline during the beginning of harvest, my olfaction that never tires of the smell of the coffee flower, and the landscape of the lake, the volcanoes, and the coffee trees!” This washed Guatemala has tasting notes of cherry, cacao nibs, and taffy and we feature it as our house drip! Kenya Nyeri Ichamama Red Cherry This beautiful Kenyan coffee is a perfect example of how meticulous processing can really shine in the cup. After selecting perfectly ripe cherries, the 800+ members of the Othaya Ichamama Factory Cooperative bring their fruit to a central processing station. The coffee is fully washed after floating, then pulped and fermented for 72 hours before soaking in clean water for 16-24 hours. After the coffee is cleaned it's dried in the shade and then shortly in the sun on raised beds. This coffee has a stunning complexity and shows flavors like sweet tea, lemonade, coconut, and pineapple on the cupping table. Sumatra Takengon KPGLA Gayo With notes of cherry, caramelized sugar, and custard, Takengon KPGLA Gayo is for anyone who fancies a clean Sumatra profile. This coffee boasts a heavy body and sweet flavor, and you might even describe this as rich and rare for a Sumatra coffee.
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