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Decaf Colombia This water-processed decaf is from Colombia and tastes great in any brew method. The water process ensures that up to 99.9% of caffeine is removed through a safe method without the use of alcohol or harmful chemicals.
Diamond Eye Blend (Guatemala & Sumatra) Diamond Eye Blend is created with two incredible micro lots and is periodically changing to ensure consistency throughout the year. Currently, it contains Guatemala Palhu and Sumatra Takengon KPGLA Gayo. This coffee is extremely sweet and balanced with notes of baker's chocolate, cherry, nougat, and heavy cream.
Elegy Blend (Ethiopia & Brazil) Our go-to standard for espresso (and our cold brew) is comprised of 70% natural Ethiopia Guji and 30% pulped natural Brazil.
Ethiopia Udeyi

This Ethiopian natural coffee is brought to you by the Udeyi Farmers Group and an old friend Ture Waji at Sookoo Coffee. Sookoo is an Ethiopian word for gold and is a reflection of the quality and attention to detail. Delicate floral notes fuse with plum and rambutan to set this coffee on a pedestal of perfection. 

Guatemala San Jose Del Lago Eduardo Cabrera, the fourth-generation steward of his family’s property and lifelong coffee grower, could not be more exuberant about his sense of place. In his own words, “Coffee is family, tradition, memories, happiness, and a little suffering; but I wouldn’t trade anything for the adrenaline during the beginning of harvest, my olfaction that never tires of the smell of the coffee flower, and the landscape of the lake, the volcanoes, and the coffee trees!” This washed Guatemala has tasting notes of cherry, cacao nibs, and taffy and we feature it as our house drip! Rwanda Isimbi

Rwanda Isimbi is back for a second round! This coffee is grown at high altitudes overlooking Lake Kivu, and then hand-picked to ensure only the ripest beans are selected. Isimbi is the Kinyarwanda word that refers to something pure "like the white snow at the top of a volcano", which should give you some idea of the quality of this coffee. This coffee is bright and has hard candy vibes. Notes of rhubarb, honey, and raw sugar.

Sumatra Ratu Ketiara Gayo We are excited to bring in coffee from the Ketiara co-op Ratu Ketiara Gayo (RKG). This coffee comes from the newest branch of the Ketiara co-op organization established in 2011 consisting of 971 farmers in the Aceh region of Sumatra who are 80% women. Notes of Cherry, Cream, and Sugar.
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